Sustainability and ethical food philosophy

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts has a proud tradition of championing quality food and hospitality and that includes where and how our ingredients are sourced and produced.

We strongly believe that quality includes sustainably sourced ingredients that come from producers and suppliers with high standards of animal welfare and that resources used in the preparation of food are effectively used and sustainably disposed.

Our sustainability and food philosophy serves to inspire the enjoyment of food using fresh, natural ingredients from sustainable, natural sources. The ingredients we use should be nurtured through sound and ethical production methods in nearby seas, waters, farms and in the wild.

It provides a platform to support local producers, communities and projects to support and promote sustainable and ethical food cultivation and to increase the health and wellbeing of all.

Individually and collectively we have a role to play, from inspiring our young people about food, to sourcing sustainable and ethically produced ingredients, reducing food waste, reducing energy and encouraging our teams, customers and communities.

That is why we are placing our sustainable and ethical food philosophy at the heart of what it means to be a member of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.
Academicians, Affiliated Colleges, Associate Members and experts have contributed to our philosophy document. This documents outlines a series of activities that Academicians and Affiliated Colleges are working towards. These are structured around six pillars:

1. Strategy: demonstrating and championing sustainable and ethical food values

2. Sourcing: sustainable sourcing and promoting biodiversity

3. Animal welfare: supporting high standards of animal welfare

4. Resource and Waste Management: reducing waste and managing resources sustainably

5. Staff welfare: encouraging, supporting and investing in your current and future workforce

6. Promotion and engagement: championing and motivating a sustainable and ethical food philosophy


Academicians and Affiliated Colleges are currently piloting the scheme and we look forward to launching it in 2020.

Download a list of the sustainability committee here