National Food Strategy - Royal Academy of Culinary Arts & Adopt a School Letter

Publish Date: July 20, 2021 Posted By: Juliet Snow

“It is time to take food education seriously”

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and Adopt a School Trust have composed a letter to offer to work with the Department of Education to help deliver the National Food Strategy’s recommendations, signed by RACA and AAS members. The Department for Education must become a cheerleader for more and better food education.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ Adopt a School Trust welcomes the recommendations of the National Food Strategy and congratulates the team on such a comprehensive piece of work. We particularly welcome the proposed “Eat and Learn” initiative for schools which is a package of measures to ensure that food education is taken seriously, is well funded and inspected by Ofsted.


To read our letter addressed to DfE, (copying in the PM and Defra), and signed by RACA and AAS members, please follow this link: NFS Launch - Response from RACA and AAS