Help us to celebrate Adopt a School's 30th Anniversary!

Publish Date: December 17, 2019 Posted By: Helena Houghton

In 2020, we will be celebrating Adopt a School's 30th Anniversary and we hope you will join us in making it our best year yet, reaching record numbers of children. If you want to help but you are not sure how, here’s how you can make a difference:

Chef or senior front of house? Host a fundraising dinner at your establishment either by teaming up with other chefs or going solo, For Adopt a School’s 30th Anniversary, you could also add a £1 onto certain bills, such as afternoon tea, or run a donation campaign on one of your dishes or products. This could be for a week, month, or for the whole year! And…we are always in need of more adopt a school heroes, so if you or your team haven’t already, come to our AAS training sessions on 4th February or 12th May to get started!

Action man or woman? Get sponsored to take on a challenge – running, cycling, swimming, sky diving - all in the name of Adopt a School. We have places at events!

Supplier? We always need help with ingredients for the dishes at dinners. Even better, team up with us, the chef and the venue to sponsor the whole dinner.

Wine or Champagne House? Help by donating the wine and or champagne for our fundraising events. This is all important – we always need our guests well refreshed for any fundraising auction!

Catering Company?  Partner up with Adopt a School by signing up for our tailored training seminars - which have been designed for businesses such as yours – and adopt your own area of schools. You could also go one step better and second someone from your business to drive Adopt a School within your company for a year.

Forward thinking, all round 'good egg' company of any description? Sponsor a school from £300 to enable us to reach even more than the 17,000 children we are now, equipping them with vital life skills.

Individual that enjoys excellent food and wine and has friends with similar interests? Come to our fundraising events! Not only do they harness the best talent of the hospitality industry but they raise money for Adopt a School too! And, as it’s our 30th Anniversary, you could volunteer to sell a number of tickets or tables.

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please contact