Head to Head video: John Williams and Jason Atherton

Publish Date: August 7, 2020 Posted By: Rosanna Frost

Watch the second video in our series of Head to Head films to mark our 40th Anniversary. John Williams is in conversation with Fellow and Annual Awards of Excellence honorary President Jason Atherton. Watch the video below to hear them discuss the effects of the current crisis on Jason's business and how now more than ever Jason believes training and Awards programmes are needed for the young professionals in our industry.  

Jason Atherton, founder of the Social Company, says the industry should use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to press the "restart button" on improving sustainability and staff training;

"This is a real opportunity that we won't get again, to restart everything: our sustainability, are we doing enough with plastics, with our food waste, staff training and the environment?" Jason Atherton

Many thanks to The Caterer Magazine for highlighting the importance of their words. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

RACA Head to Head - John Williams and Jason Atherton from Royal Academy of Culinary Arts on Vimeo.