Royal Academy of Culinary Arts
Royal Academy of Culinary Arts


The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts Alumni was launched in 2012 as part of the celebration for the 30th Annual Awards of Excellence.

Membership of the Alumni is for all graduates of the Academy’s Apprenticeship programmes and all winners of the Annual Awards of Excellence (AAE)

Benefits of Alumni membership include

  • Ability to contact and connect with members of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and help with your career where possible. If you are looking for a new job we can let Academy members know and help to put you in touch.
  • Alumni are kept up to date with Academy activities through our newsletter and regular e-alerts.All members have access to the Academy Directory, an invaluable list of all members’ contact details.
  • Alumni will be invited to selected Academy events and have the opportunity to take part in Academy Activities, such as Chefs Adopt a School.
  • We hope that the Alumni will also make themselves available to current students of the Academy Apprenticeships and current AAE candidates to give advice and help if necessary.

How to make the most of your Alumni membership

All the benefits of Alumni membership can be accessed through this website by logging in to the Alumni area using your e-mail address and password. If you are a graduate of the Academy Apprenticeship or a winner of the AAE and have not yet received your login details please contact the Academy Office.

The purpose of Alumni is for us to keep in touch with you and you to keep in touch with us, so please remember to let us know when your contact details change.