Our History

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts was established in 1980 as part of the Académie Culinaire de France, whose origins go back as far as 1883.

Founded by French chemist Joseph Favre, its remit was to collect and catalogue every classic recipe. The British arm of the Académie came out of Club 9, a group of highly regarded chefs des cuisines, who met monthly to discuss the culinary business of the day. The Académie Culinaire de France Filiale de Grande Bretagne was launched at The Connaught on 6th December 1980, with Michel Bourdin as founder president and Albert Roux as vice president. The early days of the British Académie were made possible by immense support from Moët & Chandon and its CEO Patrick Forbes. Download the full list of members

The 25 Founder Members were

Jean Bellavita

Michel Bourdin

Brian Cotterill

Martin Davies

Joël Défaut

André Durand

Bernard Gaume

Professor John Huber

Eugene Käufeler

Peter Kromberg

Emile Léfèbvre

Gilbert Lefèvre

Henri Lullier

Oswald Mair

Julien Martell

Anton Mosimann

Guy Mouilleron

Christian Moury

Georges Piotet

Albert Roux OBE

Richard Shepherd CBE

D Toinard

Jacques Viney

Louis Virot

Uwe Zander

Honorary Founder Members: Martin Skan, Paolo Zago and Sir Hugh Wontner